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Ishbel Morrison

Realising Teams

We help team leaders and their teams become fully aware of the factors that deliver team success. We help team leaders turn the concept of team into reality - thereby improving relational skills, engagement and team impact.

Our approach is to help teams collectively raise and answer their own questions - because when you discover more you deliver more.

At the same time we normalise and provide clear information about some of the more intangible aspects of group dynamics and relationship - building trust, holding a dialogue, inclusion, influence, aligning, creating consensus and positive accountability.

A key principle for any Realising Teams work we do is to ensure that the real work context for the team is clear and used for the application of any team learning. In this way people get to experience how Realising Teams makes a difference to the quality of their working life and their success.

We design and facilitate meetings with prior team leader input. We also work alongside team leaders as coach and co-facilitator to improve their confidence and skills as Realising Teams specialists.