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Mervyn Walker

Establishing Corporate Community Partnerships

Corporate Social Responsibility projects should be life changing.

We identify and develop exciting and unusual community challenge propositions which meet client's CSR aspirations and talent management needs. Whether developing a new programme from scratch, or breathing new life into existing CSR activity we help to build relationships with community partners who are looking for something beyond purely fundraising and donations.

In the UK and around the world our programmes deliver sustainable community benefits, contribute tangibly to personal & team development goals and drive positive corporate PR.

In line with brand and culture our projects are carefully organised - from fully costed plans and risk assessments to managing the introduction, interface and contracting process between corporate clients and community partners. We fully prepare the community challenge and provide support for all employee communication and PR.

Our facilitators work to build high-performing teams to deliver projects which meet real needs in the real world. Learning is created in the context of actual delivery - failure has consequences while success is rewarded through new perspectives and insights into a country, its culture, the organisation and its people.

The partnering relationship offers invaluable experience leading and working in cross cultural teams, while the nature and level of challenges provide real time pressure and a sense of accomplishment. New relationships and networks are formed. Knowledge is shared. Skills are developed. Behaviour is changed - and as people's commitment to their organisation is increased, a corporate good news story is delivered both internally and externally.