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Ishbel Morrison

Collective Leadership

A leadership team’s purpose is determined by its key stakeholder needs.

It is essentially a connecting, outward-looking exercise - enquiring about, negotiating with and aligning to Stakeholder expectations.

Full engagement with purpose is vital because it provides teams with a collective focus to plan and execute strategy when together. And confidence that aligned colleagues will work with each other’s best interests in mind when apart.

It provides the basis for autonomy with torque, rapid adaptability, creative solutions and eventual successful outcomes.

In short get purpose properly embedded (through stakeholder research) and stronger leadership impact with improved business results will follow.

We believe there are 5 collective practices - which if mastered - enable Leadership teams to exert a higher level of impact on the performance of their business.

These are:

  • Reaching outwards to Stakeholders to determine and refine their collective purpose.
  • Having inclusive lively dialogue with clear agreement regarding collective leadership priorities.
  • Developing confident plans for putting ‘strategy into action’. (Encouraging autonomy to deliver outcomes whilst maintaining a collective overview of / commitment to progress and results).
  • Maintaining dynamic and genuine connections with their key stakeholders.
  • Trading perspectives and experience to evolve improved collective leadership.

Through our communication, coaching and facilitation we focus on helping teams create and deliver more Leadership impact in their businesses and organisations.

Our approach follows a two step contracting process.

Firstly we set up a coaching relationship with the team and agree an initial key stakeholder research plan (managed online). It usually takes about 4 weeks from agreement to providing a written summary of Stakeholder perceptions of team performance to the Team lead and following up with the team.

Having agreed a Stakeholder led baseline we focus on agreeing a team development process. This typically consists of a coordinated approach of business meeting attendance, observation / feedback, bespoke workshops designed around addressing priorities and aligned and integrated individual coaching focused on driving collective leadership.

Team coaching plans are usually established for an initial 6 month period.

If you want or think you might get better collective leadership of your organisation and business - then contact us for a further exploratory discussion about making that a reality.