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The name
Maassai tribesman with camel


Our name was inspired by a short article in one of the national newspapers.

It concerns a 50 year old Maasai tribesman living in Kenya, called Ntete Ole Kushuni.

Ntete is what you might call a family man – he has 6 wives and 40 children - along with his herd of cattle. Cattle as you maybe aware have long been prized as a source of wealth and sustenance among the Maasai.

20 years ago Ntete decided to invest in 3 camels to supplement his herd of cattle. Word soon got around and his friends and other tribesman came to look at the camels.

Most laughed saying they were dirty and ridiculous animals and that he must have gone mad.

He thought otherwise.

Over the years droughts in the region have taken a heavy toll on cattle herds. Many families have struggled as cattle populations have dwindled. Life has been harsh. However Ntete's camels have thrived and continued to produce highly nutritious milk for his family.

Indeed they have been so successful that he now has 9 camels and is today regarded by friends as a man of both wealth and wisdom. International aid agencies in the region are promoting his example with other tribesmen.

I feel this story illustrates some great qualities - Boldness, innovation, realism and sustainability.

These are the qualities which we bring to our work with individuals, teams and organisations.